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It was apparent from an early age that Jake X was going to become a tattooer.

Coming from a family of creative people and brought up by his father, an artist and sculptor respected in his own right, the minute Jake could hold a pencil he was drawing.

As a child, much to his father’s dismay, Jake would draw on anything that didn’t move and a great number of things that did.


Jake tried his hand at a few different jobs but never stopped drawing. In 2007 he started selling tattoo designs on the internet. This was soon to become not only his career but his passion and the main focus of his life too.


In 2008 Jake legally changed his name to Jake X Captain Conrad and began tattooing.

His unique and prominent tattoos have won him awards and can be found in many tattoo magazines and other publications including; Total Tattoo, Kerrang, Tattoo Bible, Tattoo Revolution, Front magazine and others, until he decided to disassociate himself with Jazz Publishing he was also regularly featured in Skin Shots and Skin Deep.


Jake has been fortunate enough to work at some of Hertfordshire’s finest tattoo studios and has enjoyed guest spots much further afield.


In 2012 after working in Thailand, Jake opened his private tattoo studio that has built on all the experiences he has had on his tattoo journey so far.


Jake frequently expresses his gratitude for the following people: Ian Bayliss, Rob Beadon, Jim Macairt, Ben Stone, Frank Carter, Dave Bryant and all the boys and girls at The Crooked Rook.

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