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To consent to a tattoo you must comply with the following;


You must be 18 years of age or older to get tattooed.


You must be of sound mind and legally able to give consent to make permanent changes to your body.


You must understand a tattoo is both permanent and irreversible.


You must understand that after completion, a tattoo is vulnerable to infection and scabbing until it is fully healed.


You must understand it is your responsibility to look after your tattoo as instructed and are responsible for how the tattoo heals.


You must understand that it is your responsibility to check the spelling, design and colour of your tattoo design.


You must understand it is your responsibility to inform me of any medical condition and/or any medication that may affect your tattoo.


You must read the studios GDPR policy and agree to the terms including the use of photos and videos.


You must not have consumed any alcohol or other intoxicating substances 24 hours before your appointment.


You must give consent to having your body tattooed and understand all the implications and procedures involved in doing so.

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